Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Purple WiFi

When your customers visit you, they expect to be able to access free WiFi. Purple Wifi offers you a simple way to turn the cost of supplying public WiFi hotspots into a powerful marketing tool that generates revenue and customer loyalty.

We provide a range of services to suit different types and sizes of businesses, from large multi-nationals to small independents, including hotels, bars, retailers, shopping centres, leisure businesses, camping sites, hairdressers, sports centres, and many more.

Purple WiFi is a public hotspot system that grows your business through social media marketing, at a very low cost. Everyone who uses your WiFi is required to ‘Like’ your Facebook page, ‘Tweet’ about you on Twitter or ‘Follow’ you on LinkedIn – giving you constant promotion to all of their friends, followers and connections.

CLICK HERE for more information and our contact details if you'd like us to come and see you!

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